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Erbil Business & Trade Center

Erbil Business & Trade Center

Erbil business and trade center is composed of 37 floors Each floor area of 6000 m2, that equivalent 234,000 m2 total building sizes 3-storey underground car parking 1,500 commercial trade offices with different spaces will contain various activities: Engineers, lawyers, consultants, banks and a lot of other activities.

This tower is situated at the gateway to provides an ideal location and the infrastructure for multi-national corporations to establish their local, regional and international headquarters.

In the ground floor ( Lower ) there will be walkway contain 16 Places for Leasing different restaurants concepts (food courts) for Serving the offices, hotel and surrounding projects

In the ground floor ( Upper ) there will be leasing space for retail stores over 3000 m2 with nice views of the surrounding area. It’s where commercial and residential development sits side-by-side.

The tower sits on the Sami Abdulahman park , with views across park to Erbil tallest building, the Divan Hotel .

Erbil Business & Trade Center is a beacon of modern elegance designed for commercial use, where professionals can enjoy their own space, in every sense of the word. A spacious lobby, efficient elevators and expansively planned workstations.


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