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Downtown Erbil - Bazaar Nishtman

Downtown Erbil Bazaar ( Nishtman ) : Real Estate

The project extends on an area of 120,000 m2 in the heart of the city of Erbil in the heart of its business area, in front of the historic fortress of Erbil, which dates back more than 4000 years BC.

The project was designed by the most renowned consultancy firms in the Middle East, the best implementation measures were adopted in addition to a modern and distinctive architectural design:

The project is one of the largest malls in the Middle East where the construction area covers a surface of 850000 m2.

It includes around 8000 shops divided by themes and more than 4000 office apartments, a parking lot which can accommodate 5000 cars approximately. The center also includes a full storey of restaurants, cafeterias and other catering services.

The project is composed of nine floors, including which two undergrounds for parking lots, three floors for shops (the mall), and four floors for business offices, in addition to four towers each consisting of 33 floors.

The first phase of the project was completed and launched in February 2007, followed by the second phase in November 2008.


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