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Zakho Dream City

Zakho Dream City

Zakho dream city is considered a special investment target. As a serious contribution to the people of Zakho, North Gate company is taking this opportunity to develop and build a giant residential, commercial and recreational center, on its three million square meter prime property, overlooking the Khabur River.

The project will consists of two integrated and complete residential centers.

Center I :
Is wholly owned by north gate company, it consists of:

215 Residential Buildings
Commercial Mall
Two Mosques
Kindergartens and Nurseries
Primary and Secondary Schools
80 Residential Villas
Administration and Clinics
Supermarkets and Restaurants
International School

Is Wholly owned and operated by Zakho city administration.
It contains 689 Residential units supported by ancillary services like Schools ,Clinics ,Playgrounds and Mosques.

Villas 500 m2 Plot
The multi-level mountainous and topographical contours and the river flow panoramic scenes were taken into consideration in designing the project so the residential buildings will have maximum overlooking to the surroundings.

Buildings A types
Special attention was given to the design of the city infrastructures including the domestic water and waste water system which insures high quality services and durability.

The project consists of 215 eight story residential buildings.
15 buildings consist of residential apartments containing two bedrooms.
The remaining 200 buildings consist of three bedroom apartment.
Buildings B types High quality and durable finishing works have been adopted for the lobby entrances, indoor apartment spaces for floors, walls and ceilings as well as for public buildings.

Zakho Mall
The project’s commercial center is centrally located. it consists of three stories with a total built up area of 2500 m2.

It provides internal and external parking spaces.

The roof of the center consists of restaurants and external sitting areas with a fantastic panoramic view on the Khabur River.

Many services are provided in Zakho dream city:
two nurseries
three kindergartens
6 primary and secondary schools
two clinics
police and civil defence stations
two mosques
supermarkets and restaurants
fuel station, sports courts
severalpublic parking spaces.





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