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  • Nasri Group Of Companies LTD.
  • Nasri Group Of Companies LTD.
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Nasri Group Of Companies LTD.

مجموعة شركات نصري

Nasri Group Of Companies LTD. (NGC) is an Iraqi holding group, Founded in the mid eighties, launched to support three main industries Construction, Internal Project Management and General Trading.

The company has been involved in major construction trading activities throughout Iraq for many years.

The company also has very diversified specialized business activities, serving the whole of Iraq.

Nasri Group is the successful outcome of an extensive passionate collaboration set by three brothers:
- Architect Nizar Nasri
- Dr. Nameer Nasri
- Architect Ramez Nasri

Nasri Group is consists of the following companies :
1- Dream City for real estate investment ltd.
2- Zakho Dream City
3- Saafat El Basra City
4- Downtown Erbil for commercial investment ltd. - Bazaar Nishtman
5- Erbil Business & Trade Center
6- Sumer for Real Estate and Tourism Investment
7- Orca Medicare
8- Union Interocean Ltd.
9- European Tobacco Inc
10- AL Shahbander for Shopping Centers Ltd.
11- Hollowcore Factory
12- Sefeen Factory for Alabaster & Granite

Our mission :
Simple in idea but tremendous in application: to create and deliver the most secure and valuable assets and solutions to our partners in the newly emerging Iraqi market.

Our vision :
The defining factor of what we as a company truly are. We demonstrate an uncompromising determination to be the single most valuable professional group in the newly emergingIraqi market.

The global development and expansion of our scope of activities is :
A key factor in the various areas our group covers, including reconstruction, hospitality, manufacturing, distribution and management, based on quality, efficiency and credibility. Our success is measured in the ability to understand the facts, absorb the details and deal with those in a serious and perseverant manner.

For more information about NGC other projects, please contact us on :


G. Manager : Tony Hozeph

00964 750 335 3846

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Zakho Dream City
Saafat El Basra City
Downtown Erbil
Erbil Business & Trade Center
HollowCore Factory
Orca Medicare
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Owned and Management by:
Nasri Group Of Companies
General Manager : Tony Hozeph
+ 964 750 335 3846
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