• Dream City Erbil Iraq
  • Dream City Erbil Iraq
  • Dream City Erbil Iraq
  • Dream City Erbil Iraq
  • Dream City Erbil Iraq
  • Dream City Erbil Iraq
  • Dream City Erbil Iraq
  • Dream City Erbil Iraq
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About Erbil City

Erbil is among the oldest inhabited cities in the world so far, and her name appeared in the historical blogging since about three thousand years BC, where her name mentioned as a town full of life and property as a Sumerian.

Erbil city is located in the Kurdistan Region in the northern region of Iraq is. The Castle of Erbil is the highest area in the city (414 meters above sea level) .

The governor of Erbil "Nawzad Hadi" says that Erbil has evolved and grown as the capital of the province of Kurdistan and especially after 2003 as the rebuilding of Iraqi state was on the basis of national partnership and the presence of Kurdish as a true partner in this country.

The factors that helped Erbil evolution & advancement approved by the Iraqi constitution for the region and identify 17 percent of the Iraqi national income has helped to develop plans for the development of the region and to develop strategies to promote it.

He pointed to the construction of Erbil International Airport which impact positively on the various trade and economic activities and the establishment of plants for electric power generation to feed the city's electricity and dealing with oil and gas and the presence of the largest refinery in Kurdistan for the production of fuels that feed the local markets as well as interest in the heritage of the city and its effects.

The Iraqi citizens coming from outsite to the province feels pride and his looks monitor the daily life and momentum of rapid changes in the construction, reconstruction, commercial traffic, development, the speed of establishment the residential units, the rule of order, respect the law, cleanliness and afforestation.

Spokesman of the General Authority for Tourism says that the vacationers come from all the cities of Iraq and neighboring countries such as Iran and Turkey, pointing to the economic benefits that accrue to the city and its people from the field of tourism.

He explained that the number of tourists reach to two million in the Kurdistan Region within a few years and that 70 percent of tourists came to Erbil, specifically considering that the number will increase one million and a quarter of a million within a year or two.

He added that the markets and malls are thriving due to the tourists and they come here coze they belief in stable situations in the region and urban development, especially in the big city Erbil and the presence of a large number of malls, recreational facilities, hotels, restaurants, luxury mega-markets and high-end boutiques.

He said that Erbil was only includes 15 hotels and the number reach to 200 hotels currently along with furnished apartments, pointing to the existence of 8 international hotels under construction and 22 hospitals worldwide under implementation in Erbil by investors and capital Kordstanih. He added that there are hundreds of tourism projects, cultural and commercial project in Erbil that transported Erbil to the ranks of countries in the region and the world.

Erbil city gave birth to group of scientists, historians, clerics, poets and policy Among the most prominent of those characters that belong to Erbil legendary warrior Salah al-din (1137-1193), who ancestors belongs to the village of Dwayne north of Erbil.

Erbil city was provincial capital since 1974 ,The federal capital of Iraqi Kurdistan since 1992.

Erbil Includes a wide range of the most beautiful resorts of Kurdistan, which is distributed in various areas of the province as there are four external main roads connecting the city with the rest of the provinces and regions of Iraq, most notably by Hamilton, which starts from Erbil and ends at the crossing Haj Omran border Iraq - Iran and the road between Erbil and Kirkuk which links between the two cities, as well as linking to Baghdad from Kirkuk.

There are two external main roads Mosul and Erbil - Erbil and Dohuk and all of this main roads connect the rest of the areas with Erbil province in particular and Iraq in general.

The Arab Ministers of tourism chose Erbil, the capital of Arab tourism for the year 2014 .

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